Designer Exercise: BMW Z0 Project

Designed by Romanian industrial design graduates Andrei Avarvarii (exterior design) and Adrian Vasiliu (interior design) the BMW Z0 project is a sports car for the next decade. Intended as a smart, efficient and environmentally friendly sports car, the Z0 project takes the “less is more” approach with its minimalist looks and wraps it into a package which gives an unfiltered driving experience.

According to the two design graduates, the fossil fuel-challenged years ahead are a real threat to the traditional driver’s machine. However, by going back to the roots of the automobile, they were able to create an exhilarating yet environment friendly sports car.

Similar to BMW's Hydrogen 7, Andrei and Adrian have chosen a Hydrogen combustion engine as the powerplant as opposed to a more efficient hydrogen fuel-cell. As the “0” represents in the name, the 200hp 1.6-liter turbo hydrogen engine produces zero CO2 emissions. With a Caterham reminiscent kerb weight of 450 kg, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) would take 4 seconds.

BMW Z0 Project

Although the designers ambitiously project a 10 year window for such a vehicle to be feasible, hydrogen technology for a mass market sports car application is going to take much longer.

[Source: Avarvarii.com]

BMW Z0 Project BMW Z0 Project BMW Z0 Project BMW Z0 Project

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