Rendered Speculation: 2010 Honda S2000 replacement

The Honda S2000 has been on the US market since 1999, and although it's long in the tooth, the rev-happy two-seater still brings joy to drivers with its well-balanced RWD goodness. We're looking forward to an all-new S2000, and according to a few Japanese magazines, we can expect to see the S2K's replacement in 2010. One mag commissioned the above rendering, which incorporates clean, angular lines, similar to those found on recent concepts from Honda and Acura. The topless rendering also exhibits an improved rendition of the aesthetically questionable Honda grille, along with some US-centric chrome rims.

The next generation S2000 is rumored to be powered by a choice of four- or six-cylinder engines, with the four still packing 2.4 liters, but producing around 250 hp, and the a larger 3.5-liter unit putting out around 350 ponies. While a modestly enhanced 2.4 makes sense as the base engine, we're unsure if a larger, heavier V6 is a good call for a vehicle that prides itself on its 50/50 weight distribution and 8,300 rpm redline. Adding a turbocharger would help to keep weight issues at bay, while still providing the added pop enthusiasts crave.

2010 Honda S2000

[Source: Carscoop]

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