'Bug Jam' Volkswagen festival

Bugs, bangers and the world’s lowest Volkswagen campervan – the three day ‘Bug Jam’ Volkswagen festival has roared into life. This year Northamptonshire's Santa Pod raceway plays host to the annual three-day Bug Jam - a weekend festival of Volkswagen enthusiasts and drag strip racing.And nestled in a tent in the shadow of the drag strip, record-breaking custom car builder Andy Saunders - who recently built the credit-crunch beating Hummer – sits with a determined look on his face, arms covered in oil, and a welding torch in his hands. "I don’t know how we're gonna do this one – I might have taken on a bit too much", says Andy.

'Bug Jam' Volkswagen festival-1'Bug Jam' Volkswagen festival-2'Bug Jam' Volkswagen festival-3The Poole-based customiser – who built the world’s lowest car, and then beat his own record again - is at Santa Pod with his team on another record-breaking attempt: to build the world’s lowest van, dubbed “Van Cake.”

But Andy’s work doesn’t end there. Next week at the 2008 British Motor Show, he'll be unveilling his top-secret project. "Once I’ve finished here I’ve got to get the motor show project car down to London’s ExCel centre – I haven’t slept in days". A cameraman filming Andy’s Herculean task smiles as he overhears. Just then, an onlooker asks Andy how high the Volkswagen Caravelle will sit when it’s finished.

The show-goer looks on in disbelief and waves him good luck, just as Andy dives back in with his welding machine. But modified Beetles and record-breaking vans are just part of Bug Jam – there are dozens of stalls set up alongside the drag strip selling everything from novelty Volkswagen accessories, CDs and modified exhausts. As the crowd gently throngs from stall to stall – and scores of three-wheeled bikes roll past – a deafening roar fills Santa Pod’s drag strip.
The radio announcer screams in anticipation: "That’s got a 2.5-litre Scooby lump in there".

Two customised Beetles are preparing to duel, and the sound of the two strip racers revving their engines receives a round of applause. The steward raises his hands and points to the lights... as they turn green, the two Beetles set off, tyres smoking towards the finishing line.

Bug Jam is at Santa Pod raceway on Friday 18, Satuday 19 and Sunday July 20.

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