2009 Lincoln MKZ

As with most cars these days, there's nothing glaringly wrong with the 2009 Lincoln MKZ. It rides smoothly, handles well, accelerates with alacrity and comes well-equipped even in base form. However, much the same could be said of the Ford Fusion, on which the MKZ is based. The problem is that Lincoln simply hasn't done enough to distinguish the MKZ from its competent but commonplace platform-mate.

2009 Lincoln MKZSure, the MKZ receives the full Lincoln styling treatment inside and out -- but the younger demographic isn't likely to approve of the MKZ's chromed-out mug and staid retro-themed interior. And under the skin, it's basically a Fusion with 42 extra horsepower. That might be a good thing if the MKZ were a family sedan, but Lincoln is sending it into battle against heavy hitters like the Acura TL, Lexus ES350, Nissan Maxima and VW Passat. As competent as the MKZ is in most respects, it can't match the upscale ambience and dynamic excellence of these models.

Of course, the Acura and Lexus are also related to family sedans from parent companies Honda and Toyota, respectively. But the difference is that Acura and Lexus have worked overtime to dial out that family-sedan feel. Drive those models back to back with their plebian progenitors and you'll be struck by how much they've been transformed. Drive the MKZ back to back with the Fusion, though, and you likely won't notice much beyond the restyled interior and some additional get-up-and-go.

To Lincoln's credit, the MKZ offers a slew of standard luxury items, with electronic stability control belatedly joining the list for 2009. All-wheel drive is also available, which can't be said of many competitors. And then there's the price; if you want one, chances are you'll be able to get a pretty good deal. Indeed, if you knock a few grand off the MKZ's MSRP, it stacks up nicely against well-optioned family sedans. But at the end of the day, that's really all the 2009 Lincoln MKZ is -- a well-optioned family sedan. For a true premium ownership experience, we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

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