2008 JE Design Audi Q7 Street Rocket

(from JE Design Press Release) Red SUV Flash: JE DESIGN Audi Q7 "Street Rocket"

What do you get when JE DESIGN combines its special paintwork “Red Rocket” with its Audi Q7 aerodynamics kit “Street Sport”? JE DESIGN “Street Rocket”! An elegant luxury vehicle with integrated show-effect.

The JE DESIGN “Street Rocket” gets its really sporty look from the body construction set "Street Sport" (Ђ5,719). JE DESIGN unites a new front spoiler, double headlights including headlight shutters, side rocker panels and a new lower back apron extension to create an appearance bursting with dynamic energy. It harmonizes perfectly with the Audi lines making the refined Q7 continue to radiate its typical elegance. The JE DESIGN double trapezoid tail pipes in chromium-plated stainless steel (Ђ988) present a further highlight. The LED door exit lights on the vehicle underside (rocker panels x 5 / lower back aprons x 6) for Ђ1,500, are guaranteed to steal the show, particularly at night.

2008 JE Design Audi Q7 Street Rocket-12008 JE Design Audi Q7 Street Rocket-2Thanks to its special paintwork "Red Rocket", with special low gloss effect and superior brilliance which JE DESIGN offers for Ђ15,000 , JE DESIGN’s “Street Rocket” definitely stands out well among the crowd.

Powerful vehicles need powerful wheels. The new JE DESIGN WHEEL “SUV-Select” fulfills this need with style. This shiny wheel with its solid, timeless five-spoke design not only matches up perfectly to the vehicle type “SUV” with its name, it also has the perfect size, measuring 10x22” ET 55 (pitch circle 5x130). The single piece cast wheel "SUV-Select" is offered by JE DESIGN in the "black lusterless/ front silver lusterless” and “shadow silver / front silver gloss” models. it is available at a price of Ђ 690. A complete wheel set in the dimensions 295/30 ZR 22 costs Ђ 5,190. JE DESIGN’s “SUV-Select” is compatible with the standard wheel bolts of the Audi Q 7 4L.

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