Bentley Continental GT gets hand painted

Japanese art has a way for driving itself into anything and turning up as a perfect blend of ethnic style and feel. The Bentley Continental GT has experience the similar thrill of Japanese art in 29 models of theirs that will be available after a touch is given to them. The hoods of these 29 vehicles will bear designs by Nakamura Tetsuei. The cars have a whopping 800 hp oozing out of them, all thanks to the newly added 6.0L W12 engine to them.

Bentley Continental GT-1Bentley Continental GT-2Bentley Continental GT-3The Bentley could always do with some extra body mods and this kit looks pretty interesting. I still wonder how many people fall for floral designs on sexy super cars these days. I mean, aren’t we over the seventies yet?

The worst part of any investment is paying. Well, if you are investing for a few double takes from people on the road then you can keep the $800,000 ready to blow up on a flowery Bentley.

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