Porsche 911 customers say no to start&stop

Like all automobile manufacturers, Porsche 911 will soon have to deal with the new, and more severe, anti-pollution norms. Many solutions have been thrown up for the moment, not all of which are very orthodox, but one of which could be the adoption of the start&stop system on the noble six cylinder 911. This could see CO2 emissions decrese by about 10 g/km.

Porsche 911-1Porsche 911-2Apparently the brand’s customers are not all that enthusiastic about taking a drive with a Carrera that turns itself off at every red light. So how do you fix the problem? By discovering new ways. The 911 is unlikely ever to be the champion of ecology (according to Thomas Wasserback it will be difficult to get it under 200 g/km), but with a series of different solutions the company should be able to shave off a few more grams without touching performance.

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