Pinstripe Ferrari

German tuning alchemists NoviTec Rosso have joined forces with custom chopper builder Walz Hardcore Cycles to produce this, a Ferrari F430 with pinstriping, a 707bhp twin supercharged engine and a chalkboard black paintjob.

Inspired by a conversation between NoviTec boss Wolfgang Hagedorn and chopper builder Marcus Walz, the F430 TuNero is, to quote Spinal Tap, 'none more black'. It has matt black bodywork, black calipers, black interior and black seats.

Pinstripe Ferrari-1Pinstripe Ferrari-2Underneath, the TuNero has a pair of superchargers, air-to-water intercoolers, a revised intake system and oil coolers and new injectors. Maximum power is an Enzo-humbling 707bhp at 8350rpm and 525lb ft of torque at 6300rpm.

As you expect, performance is brisk. 60mph comes up in under 3.5 seconds, and flat out the TuNero reaches 216mph. The TuNero is a one-off, but NoviTec will build a similar car for around £300,000.

Walz build custom choppers for F1 champ (and tat-fan) Kimi Raikkonen. We’d imagine this is exactly the kind of car that party-boy Kimi would drive to the local shops to get a pint of, erm, wholesome milk.

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