Original 1980 Batmobile is on eBay for $500,000

If only you have been living on the 10th planet of your solar system then you can be excused for not knowing about the Batmobile. All the earthlings and maybe even aliens from close by planets are aware of the vehicle used by our superhero Batman. And here’s your chance to sit behind the wheels and drive one such original Batmobile made for the Batman movie that starred Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Of the five cars built for the movie, this one on eBay is the number five car.

1980 Batmobile-11980 Batmobile-2If you’ve got $500,000, lying under your bed then swap it for this 1980 Batmobile that will be a priceless addition for you garage. Although Batman could swing from Gothic clock tower on his Batline, he too needed this wild beauty to cruise around his town. Hey what about parking? Do you think that you are skilled enough to fit it into a standard parking spot?

It is shaped like a spaceship that has had tires grafted onto it to make it street legal. The seller asserts that the car is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. The chassis is custom built and the motor is a Chevrolet 350. And to get in this door-less vehicle, you have to be able to enter through the top where the canopy opens, just like in the movie.

The Batman 5 has been sitting in the “Batcave” for almost five years now, and it is time for another Batman enthusiast to enjoy her as much as I have. Being that this car originally was owned by Warner Bros productions it is important to note that the buyer will have to sign a contract with them and some other legal items.

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