Lamborghini Joins the Podcasting Era

The wonders of iTunes will never cease. Now, even if you can’t actually own a Lamborghini of any stripe, you can see and hear them through Apple’s world-dominating music service.

Lamborghini Lamborghini’s made the play on iTunes with a new podcast called “The World of Lamborghini.” If you think that’s a snug, blazingly fast world tucked inside your iPhone or iPod, you’re right — the Italian supercar maker is churning out videos that it says will “ignite the world’s enthusiasm for the most amazing vehicles on the planet.”

Not to sound too cocky, but they’re also planning on expanding the initial launch of five podcasts with regular additions to their feed. The podcasts first feature the Reventon version of the Murcielago, a personalization program for owners, and a three-part series dubbed “Closer to the Road.”

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