Covini C6W - The Six-Wheeled Supercar

Covini Engineering is a small company dedicated to constructing innovative automobile prototypes, as well as other experimental crafts. Back in 2005, they came up with the idea to add an extra axle to the front of a supercar to increase the car’s braking abilities, comfort, and directional stabiliy. The Covini C6W pictured below is the fruit of their labor.

Covini C6W -1Covini C6W -2The six-wheeled super gt packs more than 400 hp, while producing 470 Nm of torque at 2700 rpm. Not overly impressive given the cars savage appearance, but still respectable.

In the front, the Covini C6W rides on 15-inch rims, while the back sits on dubs. The overall look created is part Ferrari, part Lambo, and part jaguar XJ220. And we’re sure you could toss a few more design influences into the pot.

Since the C6W was built as a prototype, no pricing or production info is available. But we’re sure that if you want one Covini wouldn’t turn you down if you made them an attractive offer.

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