BMW PAS Latest Spy Photos

Once again spy photographers have stumbled across the new 5-series-based BMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS), also known as V-Series or RFK, in the American desert and showing frameless doors for the first time.

In its early stages of development BMW's PAS was falsely pegged as Munich’s answer to the Mercedes R class, much in the same way the X6 was falsely pegged as a Mercedes CLS competitor. But now, these spy-shots of the PAS clearly show it’s a true fastback, allowing more headroom than in the X6 while being significantly smaller than the Mercedes R-Class. This car-like approach seen on this prototype seems better-suited to BMW’s values than a full-size van, and although these spy-photos do not reveal all of the car’s design, enthusiasts might be a bit disappointed by the car’s rational coupe like design.


The V-Series, PAS, RFK or whatever you want to call it, is expected to debut in September 2009 at IAA in Frankfurt.




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